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New Music | Fabolous Friday Night Freestyle ‘All For the Love’

‘Money ain’t the root of all evil now, attention is…’ (c) Sport


Mad Fresh in These Streets [South Downtown Atlanta] | Andre Damar, Matt Monday, Forte Bowie

Got another Mad Fresh in These Streets ready for you guys. This time from just beyond the capitol building right here in Atlanta as the weather broke a couple weeks back. I love putting people on to stuff and this episode is no different — got three new joints on deck for your viewing pleasure. Andre Damar from the west coast, Matt Monday repping SC and Forte Bowie hailing from the southside of the A. Press ‘play’!

Shine | The Bar Exam [Atlanta, 4/24]


A-town! Friday marks yet another edition of the city’s beloved Bar Exam with Mic Sic hosting. Head out to the Apache Cafe in Midtown if you’re looking for an interactive open mic that reveals a few gems within the culture every time. For tickets and other details, head over here.

New Music | Fabolous Friday Night Freestyles [to Date]

Listen. You could never ever, in a million years, think that I forgot about my city. My hometown. When Fab started dropped these joints, me and my whole lifelong crew were listening.

The Brooklyn MC is back on his grizzy like it’s nuffin’. Back to that Fabolous Sport flavor like it’s ’99 all over again. Like the Desert Storm street team is outchea pounding the pavement. Even Clue got on his retro ish, with the echoing drops on these new freestyles to classic joints. Yes. We’re here for all of it. I love my city and the people who make me proud to say ‘I was born at Brookdale and raised in The East.’ Salute.

Press ‘play’ on every last one of these.  Continue reading

Fresh Music | Stealth Is Metal feat. TreaZon ‘HappiNess’

There’s something to the ‘truth on wax’ idea. I don’t mean that drug/club/gun talk, I’m talking the stuff buried on the inside. That’s the stuff that takes guts to put on front street. For instance, to this day, I feel Beanie Sigel was best when he tapped into that raw emotion, where it sounded like he was crying hot tears in the booth. So yeah, Stealth Is Metal is that guy.

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Quickie Exclusive | Young Foxx Talks ‘Trilla Than Most’ Mixtape & Second Chances

On Thursday afternoon (March 16), MFD had the chance to speak with Young Foxx out of Lexington, KY, by way of Memphis. Back in November, the rapper released his Trilla Than Most project hosted by DJ Fresh.

The tape showcased Foxx in his element, talking strictly about what he knows, with co-signs from his team throughout. This summer is pertinent for the “Bandanna” creator. He says he’s in the process of creating an album with his college buddy DJ Fresh (Rich Homie Quan) coming through with the assist. “I’m tryna be the next up-and-coming artist. I’ma get on and stay on.” Get familiar.

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Fresh Music | Big Sant ‘Strictly 4 My Sleeperz’ Mixtape

You know Big Sant. Even if you don’t know him personally, if you’re a KRIT fan, more likely than not, you’re familiar with Sant. His presence on damn near every Krizzle project ever isn’t to be ignored. The resounding ‘Big Sant, Mutha F—n’ OG ‘ every time he touches a mic… Ringing bells for ya? Cool. Continue reading

Shine | The Freestyle Experiment 1 Year Anniversary [Atlanta, 4/7]


Tonight’s the night! If you’re in the A and looking for something different and interesting to get into, head over to the Apache Cafe for Mic Sic‘s Freestyle Experiment which is sure to be a hit for yet another month.

The series is sort of a new-age jam session. The beats are cooked up live and in front of everyone. There are singers, rappers and poets who concoct this fly gumbo monthly and it switches up every time. Make it a point to show your face!

New Music | Curren$y ‘Pilot Talk III’ [Album Stream]


Curren$y is that guy. Even you don’t get as high as he does on a daily, you get it. Something about that stream-of-consciousness flow coupled with the N.O. lilt and his chemistry with producers like Ski Beatz and the like — but mainly, Ski Beatz, Spitta is a gem out here. And now, with the release of Pilot Talk III, we can indulge in the fly talk he loves to run off.

For $100 (-plus) you can cop the pack though. The MC announced via Twitter on Monday (April 6):

is a free album…. The shirt, book, and drive loaded with unseen vids and such is what ur buying when u cop the pack from us.”

Fresh Out the Inbox | Chi City ‘thug life’

Newcomer Chi City dropped his new one ‘thug life’ off in my inbox a little while ago. I’m not sure why I like this to be honest — just feels right. The haunting ‘it’s 1999 my n—-‘ laid over the T.D.-produced track got up under my skin. Continue reading