#SXSWFresh 2015 | BAMN

I’d been turning the idea of goodie bags over in my mind for awhile now. Something to hand out to my peers in the business while in Austin, then it dawned on me… My thing is new music from new artists, so why not include them and their tracks? Here, they introduce themselves to you, in their own words… Next up…


What’s Your Sound:
A combination of real hip hop, thought provoking lyrics, with a splash of today’s sound.
When Did You Start:
I started back in 2012.
Where Are You From:
Originally from Vidalia, GA, raised in Atlanta.
Why You, Why Now:
I can bring a freshness to music that doesn’t seem to exist right now. It’s time for a change and I’m here to be the influence.
How Can People Find You:
I’m @thatguybamn on all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud)
What’s Next:
My newest EP, THE RIDE will be released on tomorrow (March 13). It’s a feel good, easy riding album. I’m showcasing lyricism and smooth instrumentals. Also, I’m working on a new album for the top of next year. I’m doing a lot of traveling and networking to build the BeFirstClass brand. My goal this year is to influence diversity within hip hop.

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