#SXSWFresh 2015 | Skinny-C

I’d been turning the idea of goodie bags over in my mind for awhile now. Something to hand out to my peers in the business while in Austin, then it dawned on me… My thing is new music from new artists, so why not include them and their tracks? Here, they introduce themselves to you, in their own words… Next up…


What’s Your Sound:

Similar to something that you’ve never heard.  Organic, random, soulful, witty, feels good.

When Did You Start: 
I’ve been recording music since 2006, 2007, but I started to take it seriously around 2010,2011.
Where Are You From:
I bounced back and forth between Decatur and Lithonia for most of my life, but I claim Lithonia, GA on the eastside of Atlanta.
Why You, Why Now:
My reasoning behind making music is for the love of the craft, not the fame, not the money.  It is an expression of my feelings captured in the moment.  No better time than now to show the world that there is a different side to Atlanta rap/hip-hop other than what’s portrayed on the TV and through the radio airwaves.
How Can People Find You:
I’m on all social media outlets as “teamSkinnyC” (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Reverb Nation).
What’s Next:
My next mixtape is entitled Dues Paid and slated to drop in late April / early May, followed by an album The Commencement.

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