#SXSWFresh 2015 | Roc & Yella

I’d been turning the idea of goodie bags over in my mind for awhile now. Something to hand out to my peers in the business while in Austin, then it dawned on me… My thing is new music from new artists, so why not include them and their tracks? Here, they introduce themselves to you, in their own words… Next up…

Roc & Yella

Roc Montana aka Roc and Mucho Yella aka Yella collectively known as Roc & Yella.
What’s Your Sound:
Unheard of!!!
When Did You Start:
We have been rapping for a while now but over the past two years we have began to take our career seriously.
Where Are You From:
We’re from a small town called Orangeburg in South Carolina.
Why You, Why Now:
I feel that we have that niche that this industry needs.  That feel of fun, unrehearsed originality that can be heard not only in our music but seen in our business.  We want to bring the genuine love for music back.
How Can People Find You:
The world is relatively small as the internet grows. The best place to get us and keep up-to-date with anything we do is at www.RocandYella.com. All of our show info, photos, videos, merchandise, social media, etc. It’s all there.
What’s Next:
We are gearing up for the release of our street album Ain’t No Loyalty which is executive produced by DJ Burn One and narrated by DJ B-Lord. We’ve got a lot of videos and music dropping leading up to the release over the next few weeks. All we can say is this project will set the bar for all artists, big and small.

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