Couple Thoughts On the Other Night | The Street Execs Show Off Their New Digs

SE2 You know how sometimes you run into a situation that feels familiar, but not really? Six years ago when I started taking baby steps, moving around a little in Atlanta, I remember visiting the building that is now Street Execs Studios.

Another dynasty had the deed then though — Grand Hustle Records.

In 2009, 2 Chainz was solely referred to as Tity Boi. That was it. In fact, he and his man Dolla had just dropped their second album Flight 360: The Takeoff as the duo Playaz Circle over at Disturbing tha Peace.

That next year, Travis Porter dropped their debut single ‘Make It Rain.’ That’s where Atlanta was. The Street Execs was an embryo of an idea — only four years old.


I was piecing these little clips together here and there in 2009, sitting quietly at events and figuring it out. There was a little outdoor area at the time that I believe the current owners have commissioned and revamped into a brightly colored b-ball court.

It was a listening party that pulled people out that night years ago. BET Hip Hop Awards weekend was in full swing. Snoop Dogg was hosting and the humidity of the yo — in addition to the thick clouds of weed smoke — was enough to make the heaviest chiefer a little heady. I was in love with this other side of the grind and swore one day I would quit my day job and dive into it.


No Wallpaper. Cray. Photo Credit: Street Execs


Two days ago, on Wednesday evening (February 18), I pulled up at 1740 Defoor Place for a special media event. Parked, looked up at the building and blinked. Six years ago, I had a ‘real’ job and didn’t know how I’d finagle this, today I govern myself. The same can be said about the Street Execs. It took a little time, but here they are — 1740 Defoor Place — under different circumstances.

Brand new studio, complete with in-house barber, facialist, hell, they even have a chef in tow.

Street Exec artists are sharing their space with whichever artists or producers come along that are serious about their craft. There are package deals being offered to get the work done.

The yo itself is really well-designed too. There’s an area upstairs where visitors can kick back and so forth. A sundeck. A grilling area. They even offer room service if you’re starving but can’t leave the booth because you’re caught in a groove.


Bankroll Fresh? Is that you? Photo Credit: Street Execs


I mean. Seems they thought of everything. You can bring your own barber too, if you’re finicky, or women can have their hair stylist fall through. It’s really a cool facility. Nice to see it’s been reborn to build some new dreams. Might’ve been someone in there Wednesday night, on the walk-through, that’ll return in six years and smile to themselves like, ‘Damn. Life is crazy.’


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