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A couple weeks back I received some info from the folks over at about what it is that they do. And because we tend to cater to up-and-comers here at MFD, we figured it would be a great fit. You see, Tenuto is a search engine for instrumentals so whether you’re an artist or a producer, the site may be a good resource for your creative endeavors. Check the details below… specializes in gathering the best original and official instrumentals from all over the web and making them easily searchable based on the style you are looking for. It aims to 1) help recording artists find beats more efficiently and easily than sites like Soundclick and 2) help music producers make more sales! is changing the way artists are discovering instrumentals for their projects.

What do we mean by searching based on a style? Well, you can search the library of original beats by an artist / producer style (ex. Meek Mill type beat, Rick Ross type beat, Dr. Dre type beat), a particular genre (ex. West Coast type beat, Trap type beat, East Coast type beat), or even a particular song you have in mind. Then you can also filter down by tempo to get more specific matches.

In addition to original beats, you can search for official instrumentals for remixes and freestyles (ex. Meek Mill “Levels”, Drake “Headlines”). No longer do you have to listen to crappy remakes until you find one you like. picks the best one for you.

Other features of


  • Artists can easily loop the beats for better songwriting, and remove beats they never want to hear again. learns about an artist’s tastes over time so it can recommend better beats the more the artist uses it. See all artist features.


If you want to upload your beats to, apply on the producer page. has a stringent acceptance bar for the quality of production they accept, because they want to keep the quality high for the artists. Over 100 producers have joined


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