Stay Fresh | Starting 2015 Off Right With These Seven


Plotting out the year is one thing, making the initial moves to make things happen is a whole other. Before 2014 was out, I started researching the necessary tools. Turns out, all you need is a few quality winter accessories while running around, a couple good gadgets and a fragrance that helps in making your presence a memorable one. Here’s a list of what I’ve been rocking with since the ball dropped. Festival season is coming soon so get your business straight while it’s still frigid out.


1. The North Face Women’s ST Vixen Jacket $399

Truth be told, this ST Vixen Jacket is the best winter coat I’ve had in years. Yup, it’s fresh and all that but beyond being fly, I’m super toasty in icy weather without looking like someone inflated me in my coat. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bubble coat, came up with them, but there’s something about the slim fit of this Vixen jacket that hits the mark. On top of that, there are handwarmer pockets, inner pockets and a porthole for your headphones. Dope.


2. Gucci Guilty For Women 2.5 oz $99

Only got this Gucci Guilty a couple months ago and people are always commenting on how great I smell. Ha! It’s the craziest thing. There are meetings that I take, talks with artists, dinners with potential collaborators, and they all say the same thing: ‘Man. What is that?’ It’s always a good look to leave a lasting impression in business dealings, down to your fragrance. So yeah, the lilac, patchouli and amber mix here assist in helping me make a point even during a brief introduction.


3. Mitchell and Ness Blackout Team Stripe Knit Hat $24

It’s cold outside. You need a hat. Mitchell and Ness makes some of the best and most stylish ones. Whether you’re into the more ‘busy’ looking toppers or something a little more low-key like their Blackout line, you can always afford to grab one or two new jawns every season.


4. The North Face ETip Gloves $45

The North Face is such a good go-to for quality products — especially during the winter. For me, you’ll find the brand on every list I do, in some capacity. These ETip gloves are the second item from the company to make it onto this one! For great reason too. These gloves aren’t particularly warm in a blizzard but they’re perfect for light winter days when I’m running from show to show with my tablet and phone in hand. The stretch knit fabric and silicone grip pattern in the palm help keeping me from dropping my precious gadgets and the biggest and best feature with these is that the same pattern is on the fingertips — meaning I can shoot a quick text/e-mail without having to take my gloves off! Then it’s on to the next spot.


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 $399

I had the first Tab and was satisfied but one of my major peeves with it was the lack of flash when taking pics of MCs at dark dungeon-like clubs. Easy fix, right? This Tab S 8.4 has surpassed anything I could’ve complained about with the first Galaxy Tab. Not only did they include the flash this time but it produces beautiful pics and videos. It’s also super lightweight at 10oz, but I can pretty much DL whatever I want for quite some time — 16GBs? I’m good. And, like my Galaxy 5 phone, this tablet offers the same Ultra Power Saving mode option for those long work days where I forget my charger! Love it!


6. KEF M500 HiFi Over-Ear Headphones $299.99

Everyone has a pair of Beats, right? Branch out a little. These KEF M500s aren’t only technically sound, with the ‘booming system’ coming through the lightweight earpieces, but this Porsche design is sleek and foldable. As a plus, for accident-prone people like myself, it also comes with a hard case. I do so much running around, I often break things and never realize until the next time I reach for them. These are perfect.


7. Herschel Supply Co Nelson Backpack in Woodland Camo/Neon Orange Rubber $64.99

I’m a practical kinda girl. Always have been. Of course I like a good purse every once in a while but even that needs to be big with a bunch of pockets. Most days I want to throw everything in a bookbag and keep it moving. I also love fatigues as a Brooklyn girl. So when I found this Hershel Supply Co backpack, I instantly had to have it. There’s a 15″ fleece lined sleeve for my Chromebook and another sleeve for my Tab S. Perfect! Functionality and looks — what’s beating that?







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  1. Yep! Festival Season is almost here.

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