Fresh Music | Sy Ari Da Kid ‘S.O.O.N. (Something Out Of Nothing)’ Mixtape

Aiight. So I’ve been talking Sy Ari Da Kid since I was introduced to his music a few years ago. If there was a Rappin’ Ass Mixtape King title here in Atlanta, Sy would probably scoop that one. Dropping tapes is nothing for this Slumlord. 

The Northside representative is not only skillful with the bars but he can also carry a tune pretty well. Now with his newest project S.O.O.N. (Something Out Of Nothing) — following up last year’s Ultrasound 2 (The Birth)  the rapper is back again to make it harder for these hip-hop cats.

The first street single ‘LIT’ already has a visual — tell me this dude ain’t a workaholic. Ha.

Can’t say I was expecting the video to be as dark as it is but somehow it seems to fit the ominous feel of the track, produced by TM 88 — ‘LIT’ sounds like the end is coming. Soon.

Peep the video above and the project, hosted by DJ Holiday, DJ Iceberg, DJ Pretty Boy Tank and the Trap-A-Holics below.


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