Fresh Music | Ra Ra ‘Lawd’

Been waiting patiently on Ra Ra to g’head and drop the first single from his Project Runway album that’s yet to come. And today he’s dropped off ‘Lawd’ for our listening pleasure. Here’s a little background first: 

Last spring, Ra Ra stood in All Saints Episcopal Church in midtown Atlanta. He’d stopped in the middle of his ‘Pray For Me’ shoot to grab the DSLR camera from his homeboy and proceeded to school him on how to use the effects for the shot. I squinted through the shine of the stained glass to catch him patiently explaining which button to push and the expected result. Previously, in a one-on-one, Ra told MFD that he had to learn all sides of the game because hiring handlers for everything can get pricey. So from shooting to editing and artwork, production, everything fell on the High End Low Life emcee.

Now, back to ‘Lawd’ and its tie-in to the new joint Project Runway — the street album is supposed to build on the juxtaposition most people are in, the contradiction of champagne tastes and beer money. Wanting it all, even while having a little. Vowing to hustle towards the goal until you have it in a headlock. Then it’s flat lapels and bow ties all day, everyday.

‘Lawd’ starts off with the rich pipe organ chords of Sunday morning with some powerful percussion holding down the fort.  As always, Ra Ra is passionate — you feel the want in his delivery, the near-desperate want to have the best of everything. The nerve of us, those who’ve come from struggle to want it all, praying for lifestyles beyond what we’ve even dreamed. Lawd.


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