Couple Thoughts | Zaytoven’s ‘Finesse’

Last week, MFD was invited to a private screening of Zaytoven‘s latest film ‘Finesse’ — which he touched on in his recent interview with Day 1. The tagline is ‘Just because you see it, don’t mean it’s there.’ So you get where this is going right?

The movie is based on his — and pretty much every other industry person’s — experience when getting into the game and beyond. His character Quick is a well-meaning sidekick to Al Nuke‘s TJ who is pretty much a straight conman with multiple ‘lines of income.’ Ha! TJ specializes in selling dreams to artists who clearly don’t know any better then he runs off with their money.

Jade, a hip-hop industry mainstay here in Atlanta, has a hefty role in this one as one of TJ’s workers. Her appearance was surprising since I’ve never seen her say too much outside of business in person but she does well here as a no-nonsense, ‘let’s get to this money’ go-getter.

There are a number of characters on TJ’s team and they all seem to toe the line between wanting what’s owed and falling into the same level of greed the antagonist is on. When their leader is locked up for fraud, they end up having to find their own way and Quick takes the reins as the head of the team.

YMCMB’s Shanell takes a turn here as his attitude-wielding babies’ mom, the Migos appear, even DJ Holiday, Scream, Trinidad James and friend of the site Bankroll Fresh pops up.

Al Nuke directed and again, played the lead role, stealing the show and warranting quite a few chuckles. If you liked Zay’s ‘Birds of a Feather’ [2012], but  you’re into comedies more so, ‘Finesse’ is the move if you’re just having a low-key night at the crib.  Drops online Christmas Day.


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