Day 1 Radio | Joi & Darryl Cobbin [Thanksgiving 2014]

A couple weeks back while you guys were getting the turkey ready, Day 1 sat with advertising mastermind Darryl Cobbin and one Tennessee Slim Kitty. Peep the rundown below and press ‘play’ if you missed it.

‘Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. For the holiday we doubled up on guests bringing you marketing genius Darryl Cobbin and funk/blues/soul/R&B Sanger (no typo) Joi. You may not know Darryl by name but you know his work. He’s the guy that was largely responsible for Sprite’s classic “Obey Your Thirst” campaign, Boost’s “Where You At” spots and so many more. If you listen to ABL Radio, you already know who Joi is. We discussed her 20th anniversary in the game, touring with Outkast, her move out West and the upcoming live album/DVD that she’s releasing in 2015. Of course we touched on the Ferguson situation as well. RIP Mike Brown. Thanks for listening and please continue to spread the word!’


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