Day 1 Radio | Jarren Benton [12/4]

Jarren Benton is crazy as hell. Yeah, I said it. On Thursday, we had the Funk Volume rapper come up to the ABL studio and he had us all in stitches for the bulk of the evening. And he’s a dope emcee, so of course we touched on his upcoming projects including one special EP dedicated to his former manager who passed just over a year ago. Peep the synopsis below.

‘This week on Day 1 Radio we have Jarren Benton sitting in with us to talk about the new music he has coming up including the Slow Motion EP and an album that he’s not quite sure what to call yet. Besides that we talked about his experiences with bad dope, tour life, his long climb and the rest of his Funk Volume family. The Atlanta rapper had a bunch of stories to tell while donning a jacket he claims smelled like…well, just listen and find out. Jarren came in the studio and kept us laughing the whole time. This is a good one, y’all don’t want to miss it.’


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