Couple Thoughts | Rick Ross’ Hood Billionaire Private Listening [Atlanta]


The other day, MFD was invited to attend Rick Ross’ private listening of his latest LP Hood Billionaire right here in Atlanta.

The event was held at Chef Sammy Davis’s (of Food Network fame) new spot Sweet Auburn Seafood and the city’s top media came out to see exactly what Rozay had planned for 2014’s fourth quarter.


About an hour after the start of the event, Ross pulled up in an ol’ school candy red somethin’ with chromed out wheels of course. It’s only right. But it wasn’t the cars or the chains that stood out that afternoon — the MMG general genuinely looked happy. Rappers don’t intentionally smile too often but Rozay is at a point in his career where it doesn’t hurt to be nice.


In fact, once inside, we’d all heard the album in its entirety and all but one unfortunate track (with Snoop) was ridin’. The Belaire flowed and the food was being brought out when the Miami rapper stepped in the building. He greeted every patron, even the ones who weren’t at Sweet Auburn for his event.

IMG_20141122_155833Then he made his way over to media. Everyone received an individual greeting and all but that wasn’t the highest point of the day. Nah.

Just outside of the storefront restaurant there were two little kids peering inside and snapping shots of the promotional posters that hung from every lamppost in a block radius. Somehow, Rozay spotted the youngin’s and took them for a ride in the Candy Red. It was something to see. They were so excited and he seemed really excited to be able to do it. HHS1987 caught their reaction here.

As I walked to my own vehicle from the venue and Rozay and the kiddos sped by with the engine revving, I found myself thinking the same thing he later expressed — the potential reason he’s so at ease these days: ‘This is what a Hood Billionaire is. It ain’t about the money you got, it’s about being inspired. You see somebody coming down the block as a shorty and you stop and point…’



One response to “Couple Thoughts | Rick Ross’ Hood Billionaire Private Listening [Atlanta]

  1. The first half of this album is fire!

    Heavyweight and Burn are throwaway tracks.

    The Tink version of Movin’ Bass is better than the original.

    Overall, I think if Rozay would have shaved a few tracks off of the project, this would have been a very dope album.

    On a scale of 1 – 5, I give it a solid 3.

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