Fresh Out the Inbox | Matt De LeReaux feat. Naj Murph ‘Done Right’

Yo. I really like this Matt De LeReaux kid. Caught the native Floridian performing at the legendary Smith’s Olde Bar here in Atlanta a couple months ago when Cyhi was in town. Here’s my tell: if at the end of an artist’s live set I’m actually paying attention to, and trying to catch their social media handles? They got me. 

I think I missed a letter or something in Matt’s name though because unfortunately, I couldn’t find him online that night. Thankfully, he found me and his team sent me some info about a month later.

De LeReaux is dope. Dually talented. He can rap and sing — and yeah, so many artists claim to do the same nowadays but he has a different type of feel. Trust me. I think he did a damn New Jack Swing mini-set the night I saw him. Now he’s here with this super-incredible ‘Done Right’ joint featuring Naj Murph. Yup. That’s an interpolation of ‘Crush on You.’ Love. Press ‘play’ and thank me later.


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