Fresh Out the Inbox [Interview] | DC

photo (2)

MFD spoke with DC recently to get the rundown of his story. If you have a few minutes give it a listen while you read. 

Little Rock-bred rapper DC, born Darrell Crenshaw, has a very specific plan of action in mind and if you’re not paying attention he may achieve every bit of what he’s aiming for and you’ll be the last to know. For example, DC’s not new to this rap thing, still, it was never really his intention to be in the spotlight. His brother was to be the star until his untimely death some years ago.

DC took the reins though and here he is, doing songs with Gucci and working in Beijing. What’d you do in the last 12 months?

In 2008, he started the imprint Get Money Entertainment and has been consistently growing to do more every year since. His latest track ‘Turn Up’ is a reflection of his day-to-day motto, ‘every day is a Friday.’ Especially these days as he gets closer to success, living his brother’s dream out to fruition.

Also, press play on his latest track titled ‘Turn Up’.


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