Monthly Archives: September 2014

Shine | DJ Speakerfoxx Runs Through Sway’s Universe with a Dope Mix

Pretty much everyone in the music industry here in Atlanta is familiar with Speakerfoxx. She’s been one of the premiere DJs of the city for years, with her hands in everything from hair to fashion to, of course, music. And I mean like, every genre of music too… Continue reading


Shine | Welcome 2 Atlanta Pre-BET HHA Concert


If you’re in the A this Friday for the BET Hip Hop Award madness, be sure to run through the Welcome 2 Atlanta show in the East Atlanta Village. Everyone from Street Money capo Bankroll Fresh and Atlanta’s newest firestarter OG Maco will be performing that evening. If you profess to be in the know about what comes next, you don’t wanna miss this one. 
Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Runway Richy ‘Keep Getting It’

Man, Motion Family is always in the middle of shooting some hood ass dramas! LOL. Nah, they do a great job of shooting anything really but the star of this one here is Runway Richy. Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | Dee Day ‘Homage [Part 3]’

Now this is a dope idea. New Orleans emcee Dee Day has been going in over classic beats made famous by everyone from Dr. Dre to Nas to UGK over the past month.  Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | Billy GRAM ‘Treasure’


Here’s a confession for you guys — that ‘Treasure’ joint from Bruno Mars? My guilty pleasure. It’s just a great song man. And Fairfield-Cali. native Billy GRAM has taken a moment to throw a verse on there just for the ladies who might be listening. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Elz Jenkins ‘Blackxxxploitro’


Elz Jenkins is so tri-state man. LOL. Even with a straight up, pimptacular, Players’ Ball-inspired beat from 8Track. His latest offering ‘Blackxxxploitro’ has the spitter talking real tough on all the reasons he’s better than you. Ha! Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | NicX ‘Merk’


So this NicX kid has a decent flow and paired with the right beat… Yeah. It definitely works.

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Fresh Music | Sean Falyon ‘Motivation Music’


Sean Falyon be everywhere’ or #SFBE has been Falyon’s slogan for years. It’s not an empty tagline either. It’s very real. From city to city, venue to venue, Falyon is there. That kind of motivation to stay moving, busy and working, it’s got to come from a thorough desire to succeed right? Continue reading

Fresh Music | Mic Barz ‘Decatur Freestyle’


So my man Mic Barz is back off in the yo working on some new tracks for these streets. The first of ’em landed in my inbox a few days ago and man… Glad to see him back at it. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Bags ‘Dis Dat Whip’


Decatur’s own Bags is still out here dropping bars though. Continue reading