Use Your Eyes | Ra Ra feat. Killer Mike ‘Frustrated Young Man’

Last winter when Ra Ra sat me down at Crossfade Studios to go over what he had completed on his ‘High End Low Life’ project, he told me that if he could’ve sampled Cody Chestnutt‘s entire angst-filled catalogue, he would.

Not your typical rapper/producer, huh?

The first time he played me this ‘Frustrated Young Man’ — I instantly fell in love with it — gritty, honest, pained — and for Killer Mike to jump on it too? Just made total and complete sense.

When I got my hands on a hard copy of ‘HELL,’ I ran this song back over and over until my wack car stereo started rejecting it — somehow it had gotten scratched up in the process, only playing on occasion.

I’ve been avoiding posting the countless tributes to Mike Brown on MFD simply because I believe if you post one, you ought to post them all and there are a million. Still, this track dropped long before Brown was murdered in the Ferguson, Missouri streets by someone who was to ‘protect and serve’ him and his family.

Killer Mike went on CNN last week and made hip-hop proud, I’d say. Always informed and very much about doing his part in the community as a Morehouse-educated Black man who’s been on the “other” side as well, Mike holds it down in the clip at the top of the video.

Although, Ra is talking about his own personal struggles here, I’ll never know what it is to be a Black man in America but their frustrations resonate through real life and thankfully, through music shared. This is just a small piece.

Check Mike’s talk with CNN below…


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