A Couple Thoughts | The Migos Return Home For DJ Holiday X Streetz 94.5’s Holipalooza [Atlanta, 8/15]

Photo Credit: DJ Holiday Instagram

Photo Credit: DJ Holiday Instagram

So the other day, DJ Holiday threw his first major concert here in the Atlanta metro area.  There’s a spot on the northside in Gwinnett County called Wild Bill’s — which, as the name reflects, was initially marketed to a whole different demographic than who patronized on last Friday night. The country western appeal of the venue went unnoticed as twenty-something rap fans flocked to the outskirts of Atlanta to catch the Migos perform in their hometown.

Incidentally, Duluth, GA was not nearly as diverse around the time the Migos were growing into puberty. Around the time I moved to Atlanta, more than decade ago, that area was pretty much lily-white and being different wasn’t welcomed. These days though, everybody’s twerking a little closer to acceptance in Gwinnett County or GwinCo, as the natives call it.

Either way, Holipalooza had been planned and plotted out by Streetz 94.5’s DJ Holiday for more than a year as he shared on his Holiday Season show last night. “For years right Stix [Malone]?” His right hand man confirmed, “Yup. Years in the making.”

“I was the first in the city to bring Bobby Schmurda to the stage! The first! Whatever y’all do after me, is after!” He sure did bring Brooklyn Boy Bobby out too and the energy in the building seemed to ignite the crowd as everyone got on their Schmoney Dance steez.

You could tell some intense planning went into the concert as there wasn’t a single hiccup even with countless artists performing, except maybe for the clearing of the stage between acts. Still, the city came out in support of DJ Holiday — from College Park’s own Kap-G to Mike Fresh, Zuse and Atlantic signee Que.


Que Rockin’… Photo Credit: DJ Holiday Instagram

There were a few up-and-comers out there as well. And a couple dance breaks with some kids knocking out some moves that I couldn’t recognize though I’m sure my nine year old will come in here any day now and school me.

Headlining the bill were Mike WILL’s new act Rae Sremmurd and of course the Migos. Slim Jimmy of Rae Sremmurd hit the stage in a gas mask because, as he later shared, he’s ‘killing sh*t.’ The duo performed a couple of new joints before their smash “No Flex Zone.” The crowd reacted in waves of fervor.


Photo Credit: DJ Holiday Instagram

Before the Migos even hit the stage, people were drenched in sweat, pushing against the press barrier hollering for their hometown heroes. Once the ‘Fight Night’ creators came out, they only had a tiny amount of space at the front of the stage where they ran through their hits and a few mixtape cuts, starting with ‘Bando’ and moving into the more recent ‘Freak No More’ and others. Never stopping, barely moving but clearly proud to be back home.



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