Use Your Eyes | Elli$ ‘Original Manz’


In the wake of Mike Brown’s death by the hand of a Ferguson police officer, Baltimore rapper Elli$ has released the visual for his track ‘Original Manz’ just a bit earlier than planned– but still, right on time.

The track comes from his latest project The Education of Elli$.


The continued weight of police brutality and institutionalized racism in black and brown communities is enough to make even people of other races shake their heads at this point.  Rap in 2014 isn’t all about being ‘turnt’. Oh no. For that, we are grateful for folks like Elli$ who provide a balance.

The start of his ‘Original Manz’ video features a movie clip where [presumably] a black man is speaking to a judge.

Judge: Do you have any idea what a burden you people are to the taxpayers?

Man: Yes.

Judge: Yes, Your Honor.

Man:  Yes Your Honor.

The hook features Nas’ infamous line: ‘It’s elementary, they want us all gone eventually…’ El goes on to talk about the ways in which inner city communities are set up to fail. It’s well done. Infuriating when you think about it but the narration of the social ills are indeed well done.

Elli$ said he’ll take ‘being felt over being famous.’ I believe him. Press ‘play’ below.



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