Use Your Eyes | Rich Homie Quan ‘Under the Influence Tour’ Part 1

If you’ve been following MadFreshDaily for awhile, either here — or here, or even here — you’ve seen me speak on this East Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan.  In case you aren’t familiar with the tale though, here goes…

In early 2013, dude was a relative unknown. Even though I’d been hearing things from him little by little here in the city, I wasn’t really moved by anything in particular. Then we happened to be in the same place out in Austin that year for SXSW — the Beer N Tacos show.

He ascended the stage in all white, Polo down to the socks and bounced back and forth hollering the lyrics to ‘Type of Way.’ A sprinkle of folks knew the words off top, but for the most part, we were all baffled. Who the hell was this kid? And should we be paying this close attention when we’re all on some ‘too cool for school’ sh*t? Especially at SX…

Copped a CD immediately and listened most of the way back home to the A. A month later, I set up a talk. Sitting across from Quan at TIG’s studio downtown, I listened to this young guy speak on the Future comparisons (de rigueur talking point at the very beginning) and his desire to just ‘tell his story.’


Every time since then, whenever I see him, he’s in a better place. Two weeks after that first talk, we ran into each other again at YG’s ‘My N*gga’ shoot. I don’t honestly believe anyone knew how big that song would actually get at the time — not even YG. But I digress.

Later that year, I caught him on the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards before his performance that evening. The other day when he collapsed at his shoot for ‘Walk Thru’ with Problem? I hollered at him for Billboard and broke his silence.

Now, Quan’s on tour with Wiz Khalifa, reigning king of showing the youngins how to make their own rules business-wise. Again: it’s only been a little more than a year after that first time I peeped the Rich Homie’s live show. And he’s still saying the same thing: ‘I just wanna tell my story.’

I say all of that to say: This is what it’s all about. This MFD thing, I mean. Spotting talent and giving it light, then watching it grow. Building relationships early on. It’s not about jumping onboard with everyone else, it’s moreso about building the board these folks jump on.

Check Quan’s ‘Under the Influence’ Part 1 below…


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