Use Your Eyes | Columbia BT feat. Rich Homie Quan ‘She Crazie’

Columbia BT‘s ‘She Crazie’ is actually building a pretty substantial buzz here in Atlanta. Um, it’s another ode to “relationships” — or situationships– gone awry. Apparently, both Columbia and Quan, who comes in with the assist, have dealt with some women in the past who’ve had a hard time letting go. And as a result of their persistence in checking phones, faking pregnancy scares and the like, the two A-Town rappers trade stories, chalking it all up to the women being ‘crazie.’ One-sided, yes. But the young guys seem to love this track. Girls too.

Thankfully, by the end of the visual here, you kind of see a moral to the story. It’s one of the points I was thinking of and I’m not sure if they just sort of fell into it or not.

After going back and forth with their respective tales of what these women do to try and ‘lock’ them down, one spots Columbia from across the bar. She heads over to put her bid in, he bites immediately and Quan shakes his head like, ‘So you ain’t learn your lesson…’ Ha! Exactly. If you take your time to get to know someone before bedding them — man OR woman — you’d notice the red flags. But what do I know?

Another reason to watch? There’s a nod to the classic I’m Gonna Get You Sucka in there as well. Check it here.


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