Shine | AEBL & 2 Chainz Team Up For the Kids, ‘The ‘A’ Game’ [Ep 5 & The Extras]


As quickly as the summer began, here we are at the end and the Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League is closing out strong. 

Today, the playoffs begin and if you’ve been following The ‘A’ Game series, you already know it’s been a pretty exciting season. Last weekend, the TIG squad took a loss against the Street Execs, but it wasn’t easy for Tity Two Necklace’s team — it was a fight for sure until they tied it up in the last 0.2 seconds of the game, taking the wind out of the Gold Gang’s sails just before overtime.

Before the games start today, take some school supplies down to the Central Park Gym (400 Merritts Ave, Atlanta) and help out in the league’s 2nd Annual Back-to-School Drive.


They’re partnering with 2 Chainz‘ T.R.U. Foundation between 3 and 5 p.m. to make sure the kiddos have everything they need for school this year, including haircuts and styles.

Then, if you have a sec, get caught up on The ‘A’ Game. Episode 5 is right here for your viewing pleasure…




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