Fresh Music | Havok Jones ft. Young Thug ‘Who You’


For those of you still in the dark about Atlanta girl group Havok Jones, consider this your intro:

United as one with four daring, Atlanta-savvy personalities, the resurgence of the girl group starts and ends with the multitalented Havok Jones

Ambitiously paired and given their name ‘Havok Jones‘ by group creator and vocal coach Ms. Queen, the ladies quickly defined their new alias: “Similar to the cliché, instead of keeping up with the Jones‘, we wreak havoc on them,” said Havok Jones.”

My man Randy Roper had been telling me lots about these four, long before they started popping up on blogs as of late. Better believe, Kea Aleis, MaiDai, Aire B. and Neiko, sing like they have something to prove. In fact, this joint here with Thugger Thugger ain’t half bad. Check it.


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