Use Your Eyes | Bankroll Fresh ‘Bet It’

Placing Bets on Fresh...

Placing Bets on Fresh…

Bankroll Fresh first caught my ear a few months ago, by chance really. Just before hitting Austin for everyone’s fave music fest, I ran across the ‘Bout That Life SXSW tape hosted by DJ Esco and Lil Keem of the Hoodrich fam. One of the standouts from the compilation was Bankroll’s ‘Show You,’ featuring Rich Homie Quan. It was like, a gimme. Literally — an instant connect.

The Zaytoven-produced track showcases a prideful Fresh, to say the least, boasting that he’ll “have your girl running ’round the Twelve nudie.” LOL. If you’re familiar with the activity that goes down in Atlanta’s Twelve Hotels then yeah, that sounds pretty feasible.

Anyway, I’m glad I started paying attention then, because now I’m all in. He got me. Just the other day, Fresh dropped ‘Hot Boy‘ with a nod to certain N.O. influencers. The bassline on it reminds me of Bankhead Highway around the time I moved to the A. Back when old school big bodies crawled in front of the Bounce nightclub, with mad TVs all playing the raunchiest porn and trunks that rattled as if there were a couple of fighting midgets in there. Gel and weave everywhere. Yeah, that Atlanta. Salute to Cassius Jay for bringing my early twenties back.

On the heels of ‘Show You’ and the ‘Hot Boy’ joint building in buzz, Fresh and his Street Money squad took the initiative to shoot a visual for another heater, ‘Bet It’ produced by King Cee O and featuring Quicktrip and Strap Da Fool of Travis Porter.  Check it.


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