Use Your Eyes [Premiere] | Bags ‘Geeker’

Bags Fly Free, Right?

Bags Fly Free, Right?

A couple years ago I met DDB Entertainment artist Bags outside of The Five Spot, one of Little 5 Point’s many dive bars. It was during a mini-concert series celebrating ‘#NewAtlanta’ — a phrase that has always kinda made my skin crawl, but that’s another topic for another day.

Anyway, Bags had just tore the stage down — as unassuming as he appears in person, the Decatur-bred rapper shows no signs of his off-stage chill after touching the mic.

There’s a fire in him when a beat drops, that’s the initial observation. He does a lot of jumping around and bopping while running off bars by use of some hellified breath control. Then, upon exiting the stage, he’s back to his mellowed out self, quite possibly lighting a ready-made spliff to fully assist in getting him back to ‘chill.’

Goodie Bags...

Goodie Bags…

I say all that to say this: ‘Geeker’ is the perfect track to get the masses acclimated to what the MC truly does. The synth-heavy track from DDS’s in-house producer Ben Wogu is built for him — reinforced with more than a little bit of boom in the bassline, then Bags’ signature, that delivery at breakneck speeds, I mean…

The track has increasingly been gaining spins on Atlanta’s Streets 94.5 for a few weeks and the Geeker EP is slated for release on June 16, a few weeks before his full project which is as of now untitled.

But today Bags and his team have brought the ‘Geeker’ visual to MFD. Done deal. I definitely respect that talent above all else.

Check it.


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