Day 1 Radio | Big Sant [5/29]

It's Big Sant. And You Better Have His Check...

It’s Big Sant. And You Better Have His Check…

This week on Day 1 we sat down with the homie Big Sant of the Alumni crew, friend and partner to Big KRIT for a couple decades now. But listen here, Sant holds his own. Consistently. So much that the rapper dropped a project last year titled The Great American Mattress Sale for those of you who stay sleeping. LOL. Nice.

So yup, Santiago came through for a spell and made us laugh incessantly as we dipped into his rap beginnings, family life and the current status of his friendship with KRIT.

Later on, I holler at Bankroll Fresh about his latest in the New Artist Pack. His Quan-assisted ‘Show ‘Em How To Do It’ is taking off here in the southeast and now the rapper is ready to see what happens next. Us too! Take a listen.

By the way, if you don’t have the AB+L Radio app, you’re slippin’, just a little. It’s available for Droids as well as you Appleheads


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