Day 1 Radio | Bangladesh & Sean Falyon [5/15]


Photo Credit: Mach Diesel

The last episode of Day 1 Radio featured an appearance from Grammy Award-winning producer Bangladesh. I remember walking into his birthday party at STK last year and the first thing I saw was a polar bear walking around in there. LOL. Yeah. So I’m like, ‘Dude’s different.’

Still, I’d never met him formally until this evening, so I was observant, but the guys have a relationship with him so they just went in. Bang is not your average industry cat. In fact, if he’s reading this now, he’s probably turning his nose up at the notion. Definitely not about that Holly wood life.


Photo Credit: Mach Diesel


Ultimately open and honest, Bangladesh gave us everything. And I mean everything. His feelings on what Wayne did with the ‘A Milli’ beat, what it means to work with Beyonce and quite a few other interesting topics.


Photo Credit: Mach Diesel

Before him, the homie Sean Falyon rolled through and gave us a bit of his come-up story as well as what he’s working on now. Check it.

**Also check (or download the app and listen) tomorrow at 10 am and 6 pm EST to hear us chop it up with of dead prez. Big episode! 



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