Use Your Eyes | WordSpit The ILLest ‘City Of God’

WordSpit God Flow...

WordSpit God Flow…

Hailing from my old stomping grounds in Brooklyn’s East NY neighborhood, WordSpit The Illest presents the visual for his ‘City of God’ track. The emcee pushes aggressively over Ye’s ‘New God Flow’ beat, speaking on conflicted souls walking among us. Here are his words on it:

“The concept of “City Of  God” was to show the natural conflict that us, as human beings, deal with when it comes to our relationship with religion and God. It deal’ with two very real perspectives that occur in everyday society: losing faith and restoring it.”

Funny, as a kid growing up in ENY, I noticed conflicted souls everywhere. There was the beauty of waking up on a quiet block, then the daily subconscious counting of crack vials and used condoms on Livonia on the way to school. The innocence of block parties in July and the knowledge that at some point, knuckleheads from Van Siclen would infiltrate and harass the girls. Life is conflict though, no? Peep as WordSpit puts a picture to it all.


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