Use Your Eyes | Adrian Lau ‘Under Control’


Adrian’s To The Far Left…

I’ve been rooting for Harry Fraud for a couple years now, so yeah, definitely glad to see that he’s consistently building his Surf School brand these days. He isn’t just “Shot Calla,” you know. In fact, the production he’s done for newcomer Adrian Lau is way more melodic and almost funk-inspired. Lau himself reminds me of Mac Miller. Real light-weight, fun sort of rhyme schemes on his recent tape Projection. The Brooklyn-based rapper is getting to be even bigger amongst the collegiate set and it’s only a matter of time before his grassroots movement is in front of some really influential folks. The video for ‘Under Control’ ought to give you a hint as to how far Lau has come since his start. Look how wild these folks are acting. LOL.



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