Use Your Eyes [Premiere] | RedCoat Da Poet ‘Stay True’

Stay True Doe...

Remember a couple weeks ago when MFD posted that new RedCoat? That ‘Stay True‘ joint with the insistent boom, crafted by Skantily Klad? Today’s the day we get a picture to go with the bars.

When I gave it a listen the first time, I already saw the big body old school rolling through dark and deserted streets. Not so much the writhing girl against the whip and the other one in the bed, LOL, but it’s all good. I’m sure you fellas appreciate the look.

I’m quite pleased actually, to be able to premiere the ‘Stay True’ video presented by With Intent To Distribute Films. The song itself is one of my most recent favorites, so it’s fitting that the video is linked up for the very first time right here on MadFreshDaily.

I’m telling you guys, get on board now — RedCoat is the truth. Oh, and, pay attention to the Mighty Network he’s affiliated with — #AE2 is on its way and he’s consistently been dropping some blazers in the weeks leading up to its release. Sheesh.


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