Day 1 Radio | Mike Roberts and Ra Ra [5/8]

Mike, Ra and Us...

Last week on Day 1, we had an Atlanta radio legend in the AB+L studio, Mr. Mike Roberts. He definitely dropped some jewels about starting out as an intern and ending up a station owner. According to A-Town natives, Roberts had a major hand in establishing V103 as the primary go-to station for the urban community here in the city more than a decade ago. I got here after he’d already retired from the morning show but I definitely see his passion, even years after his start — which is refreshing and ultimately inspiring.

Speaking of inspiration, one of our favorite guys Ra Ra came through as well, offering perspective on his High End Low Life project that coincidentally drops today.

Ra Said He's Going Through #HELL...

Ra Said He’s Going Through #HELL…


Y’all know I had a couple talks with the young rapper already, a couple clips, and of course he and Reese are acquainted but this was B’s first time meeting the Decatur emcee and it’s safe to say that he immediately saw the same dopeness we did. Ra’s honesty about having certain insecurities, had the yo go quiet a couple times. Man. Just. Y’all have to check #HELL out.

Later still, we kick off our new, um, New Artist series with a lil’ something from Taylor Gang’s First Lady Courtney Janelle. She’s an absolute darling.

Check it.




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