FRESH MUSIC | MFD’S TOP THREE PICKS: Sy Ari Da Kid ‘Ultrasound 2 — The Birth’

Sy Ari's Born Again!

Sy Ari’s Born Again!

The nerve of Sy Ari Da Kid. The nerve of this flippin’ guy, this insane spitter, to even imply that he’s still at the beginning by subtitling his latest project The Birth.

The Bronx-born, Marietta-raised emcee is outchea rapping circles around some of your favorite up-and-comers. LOL. It’s actually pretty amazing. Even when he does the ‘turn down for what’ type records, it’s as if he can’t help himself — rappity rap with a smile, at your doorstep, and it’s all good. More of this please.

Ultrasound 2 — The Birth is a quality project from the head of the Arrogant Music imprint, diverse but well-laid so it’s still pretty cohesive. Heavy with 20 tracks — including one funny ass skit — Ultrasound actually rides pretty well. With production from everyone from Will A Fool to Sonny Digital on the super-indulgent ‘300 Spartans’ (27 features!!), Sy doesn’t give a damn about doing things the standard way, so keep your lil’ critiques to yourself.

Here are the MFD Top Three from Ultrasound 2 — The Birth

1. ‘Business is Personal’:

Just because I’m always, always, on my ‘child of the 90s’ steez, I love anything and most everything with that Streets is Watching feel. That’s this joint. Produced by Freddie Foxxx, Sy is running the game down to you squares here and I’m like a little kid impatient to learn every bar so I can rap along.

2. ‘Temptation’:

Y’all dudes gon’ learn about following the feeling in your pants. LOL. This track describes what happens when you do the absolute wrong thing after being tempted and the many thoughts, concerns and straight up worries that come along with raw dogging it.

3. ‘Uncle Sam’:

I may not agree with all these political views here but I get where Sy’s going with ’em. Between the saccharine vocals of Ari Jo, Sy gets on his smarty-arty flex on ‘Uncle Sam.’ From deconstructing popular opinion to offering his own, this joint is pretty thought-provoking, either way it goes.


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