Use Your Eyes | Jake Lambo ‘Cool Flow’

Cool Story AND Cool Flow Bro...

Cool Story AND Cool Flow Bro…

Hmm. Ain’t nothing wrong with being yourself. I think, sometimes, it’s even cooler to go that route these days than it was when I was coming up. Or maybe that’s just what every generation says. LOL.

Enter Jake Lambo and his latest visual for his ‘Cool Flow’ track. I love it. Absolutely.

The 16-year-old rapper was introduced to me moments before hitting the stage a few months back at the Beer N Tacos show at SXSW. Then he proceeded to go on and clear my mind of any doubts that he was actually dope as hell with the illest series of bars I’ve heard from a 16-year-old in eons.

Don’t believe me? Take a listen to this ‘We Made It’ freestyle:

His comfort level on that stage too. Like, he just went in. I should’ve known though — coming up under Playboy Tre, rapper and right hand man to B.o.B. — that young Jake definitely ain’t no joke with a mic in his hand.

No talk of guns in the ‘yo, smoking weed all day, fighting for corners… None of that here. Mr. Jake Lambo is more than willing to tell the whole truth, from his ‘gifted and talented’ roots in school to never feeling pressed to be a part of someone else’s circle. The video’s pretty cool too. Peep it.


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