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Day 1 Radio | Bangladesh & Sean Falyon [5/15]


Photo Credit: Mach Diesel

The last episode of Day 1 Radio featured an appearance from Grammy Award-winning producer Bangladesh. I remember walking into his birthday party at STK last year and the first thing I saw was a polar bear walking around in there. LOL. Yeah. So I’m like, ‘Dude’s different.’ Continue reading


Use Your Eyes | Adrian Lau ‘Under Control’


Adrian’s To The Far Left…

I’ve been rooting for Harry Fraud for a couple years now, so yeah, definitely glad to see that he’s consistently building his Surf School brand these days. He isn’t just “Shot Calla,” you know. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | WordSpit The ILLest ‘City Of God’

WordSpit God Flow...

WordSpit God Flow…

Hailing from my old stomping grounds in Brooklyn’s East NY neighborhood, WordSpit The Illest presents the visual for his ‘City of God’ track. The emcee pushes aggressively over Ye’s ‘New God Flow’ beat, speaking on conflicted souls walking among us. Continue reading

Day 1 Radio | Mike Roberts and Ra Ra [5/8]

Mike, Ra and Us...

Last week on Day 1, we had an Atlanta radio legend in the AB+L studio, Mr. Mike Roberts. He definitely dropped some jewels about starting out as an intern and ending up a station owner. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes [Premiere] | RedCoat Da Poet ‘Stay True’

Stay True Doe...

Remember a couple weeks ago when MFD posted that new RedCoat? That ‘Stay True‘ joint with the insistent boom, crafted by Skantily Klad? Today’s the day we get a picture to go with the bars. Continue reading

Shine | Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League Preps For Its Second Season [June 15]


Lou Will Looked On From Week to Week As the AEBL Boys Got Down…

How happy are we that we’re finally in the full swing of spring? Seemed like the cold weather would never end. And you know me, as an NYC native, summertime ain’t real until the guys are playing aggressive streetball in the park. Enter Jahi Rawlings and his Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League, now in its second season.  Continue reading

Day 1 Radio | DJ Scream [5/1]

Scream At Me Tho...

On the last episode of Day 1, me and the guys had the pleasure of sitting with A-Town music fixture, DJ Scream. Continue reading

FRESH MUSIC | MFD’S TOP THREE PICKS: Sy Ari Da Kid ‘Ultrasound 2 — The Birth’

Sy Ari's Born Again!

Sy Ari’s Born Again!

The nerve of Sy Ari Da Kid. The nerve of this flippin’ guy, this insane spitter, to even imply that he’s still at the beginning by subtitling his latest project The Birth.

Continue reading

Fresh Music | Rochelle Hot 16 ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’

Hot 16 Calls Em Out...

Hot 16 Calls Em Out…

Rochelle Hot 16 is all about telling the story from the outside — it’s a quality the Mid-Western native prides herself on. She continues her mission on her latest effort, ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ which is available for purchase on iTunes.  Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | Lavish Jay feat. Louie Ave ‘Anything Goes’ [Video]

Lavish Lyrics From Lavish Jay...

Lavish Lyrics From Lavish Jay…

Straight out of Jersey come the musings of 16-year-old Lavish Jay and his homie Louie Ave. The two form a lively duo on the song ‘Anything Goes,’ one of the lead tracks from the Gang Grizzly collective. Continue reading