Day 1 Radio | Elliott Wilson [4/24]

Us & El...

Us & El…

This week has been pretty eventful I’d say, LOL. Elliott Wilson was in town for his #CRWN event with Epic artist Future — right on time for his latest release, Honest. Don’t know how I can explain this to you guys without it sounding cheesy as hell, um…

Around the time I was falling heads over heels for how people like kris x and dream hampton painted pictures of rappers with words, I started following El’s career as well.  By the time he got over to XXL, I loved and hated him as the editor. Ha!

El had that insight, brilliance and drive, but at the time, I couldn’t fathom any one person being that damn cocky. Enter YN.

Now that I’m in this, I totally get it.  Sometimes, hell, most times, we gotta toot our own horn — especially if what we do is making a difference in this thing of ours. These days, El’s #CRWN series is becoming a standard for these rap cats, Rap Radar is a dominating force outchea, and oh yeah, Mr. Wilson is flooding IG and Twitter TLs everywhere as usual.

So yeah, with this interview, Day 1 is following YN’s lead. I think we have a right to peacock a lil’ bit. This thing is getting to be bigger and better. Roll with the winners…























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