Day 1 Radio | Kawan Prather & Kap G [4/17]


Day 1, KP & Kap G Outchea Flexin’…

This week on Day 1 Radio we had the pleasure of having Kawan Prather [Atlantic Head of Urban A&R] and Kap G [Atlantic signee] on the show. A legend and a rookie as my man NuFace would say. Both dropped jewels that evening.

You guys that have been following MFD already know a little bit about Kap but the guys, um… LOL. Laid it on thick for the benefit of some of you newcomers. For instance, Reese opened the floor for questions with “KP, let’s get this answered. How you find a Mexican in College Park man?” Ha!


Kap G On His Best Behaviour…

Here Kap opens up a bit more and gives details on his background and the reasons why he reps so hard for his heritage.

I told KP I didn’t think he could say more than a few words at a time before having him on the show. LOL. That guy’s hilarious though. Cracking mad jokes, all while giving us the science on what it takes to be a part of the industry for 20 years.

Switch Labels Like KP...

Switch Labels Like KP…

This was a great show. Give it a listen below.




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