Fresh Music | RedCoat ‘Stay True’

RedCoat Serves Truth.

RedCoat Serves Truth.

Artists, here’s the lick, I’ma lay it out for you: the live set is the move. You already knew that, right? Nah. You gotta smash the set though. Never know who’s looking and I can’t speak for everyone but that’s my weakness. That’s how RedCoat Da Poet got me as a fan last year around this time.

I remember exactly how it went down too: the Coalition DJ camp threw a Cinco de Mayo showcase at Atlanta’s Cloud IX. There were quite a few people that hit the stage but there was a point during Red’s set where he dropped some fly ass bars acapella. Like, fly ass, chuckle out loud, shake your head kinda bars. It was after this experience that I ran DJ Black Bill Gates down to ask for details.

That was it. And yup, I stayed true. See what I did there? LOL. But yeah, so much that nowadays, I pay extra close attention to everything Red is up to. Fresh off the upcoming project #AE2, he delivers the lead street single ‘Stay True.’ The track, featuring Skantily Klad behind the boards, has Red trying out this dope staccato flow that yes, I’m rocking with. Wooo! King s—! Check it.


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