Day 1 Radio | Fly, CEO of Think It’s A Game [TIG] 4/3



This week on Day 1, me and the guys sit down with Fly. Yeah, that Fly of Fly Kix here in Atlanta. Yup, that Fly, head of TIG, one of Atlanta’s most buzzworthy imprints right now. Leader of the new school on some real sh*t. Moving in silence. LOL.

Between Jacquees, Trinidad James, Rich Homie Quan and Forte Bowie, I’d say Fly knows how to pick ’em.

Low-key at first, but eventually coming out of his shell, the CEO talked with us about strategy, drive and what’s next for his artists. I prodded him about the Baby comparison that’s been floating around. He laughed at me first, then answered the question. Heh, heh…

Fly also gave a few tips on how you can get your music to him. Pay attention.




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