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Fresh Music [Premiere] | Stealth Is Metal feat. Miloh Smith ‘With Love Comes Rain’

Stealth Is Tough As Metal...

Stealth Is Tough As Metal…

So proud to premiere the latest single from friend of the site, Stealth Is Metal. You guys have to understand, when you see someone talented finally seeing their hard work progress, bringing things  to fruition, there’s a different type of fulfillment there. Continue reading


Day 1 Radio | Elliott Wilson [4/24]

Us & El...

Us & El…

This week has been pretty eventful I’d say, LOL. Elliott Wilson was in town for his #CRWN event with Epic artist Future — right on time for his latest release, Honest. Don’t know how I can explain this to you guys without it sounding cheesy as hell, um… Continue reading

Stay Fresh | Spring For These Seven: Accessories

Spring is here. Finally. There’s something about the change in the weather that makes most people hit the nearest boutique and drop ends. That’s alright. You can blame it on the fact that all of us here in the States have had an everlasting winter and shiny new stuff makes up for it. Plus, who doesn’t need pretty new things when the trees get to blooming? With that said, MFD kicks off this Spring For These Seven series. The first? Accessories.  Continue reading

Shine | The Bar Exam Prepares To Bring the Soulful on 4/25 [Atlanta]

Nubia Emmon Has Us Hooked...

Nubia Emmon Has Us Hooked…

The good people at The Bar Exam aren’t just listening for one specific type of artist. Rappity rap is all well and good but it isn’t the only way to get down and on April 25th, the Atlanta-based event will be honoring that notion, bringing their winner from January back to the testing room, so to speak. Continue reading

Day 1 Radio | Kawan Prather & Kap G [4/17]


Day 1, KP & Kap G Outchea Flexin’…

This week on Day 1 Radio we had the pleasure of having Kawan Prather [Atlantic Head of Urban A&R] and Kap G [Atlantic signee] on the show. A legend and a rookie as my man NuFace would say. Both dropped jewels that evening. Continue reading

#FreshVision | MFD X Ra Ra: High End Lyrics, Breaking Low Life Habits [Pt. 1]

On That RaRa Ish...

I don’t remember the first time I met Ra Ra f/k/a Young Capone with the So So Def deal way back when… Doesn’t even matter. When he dropped that tape with Maurice Garland serving as host last year, I was all in. Continue reading

Day 1 Radio | Rahiem Shabazz ‘Elementary Genocide’ [4/10]

Rahiem Shabazz Drops Some Science On Day 1...

Rahiem Shabazz Drops Some Science On Day 1…

On the latest episode of Day 1, we got in the studio with documentarian Rahiem Shabazz to talk about just how deep the prison system gets when figuring qualifiers for future inmates. It’s sad really, but super important. Continue reading

Fresh Music | MFD’s Top Three Picks: Berkeley Park ‘Route 116’

Route 116 Before Success

Route 116 Before Success

A couple months ago, Jack Papers f/k/a Lilo Brown had me come in to Icon Studios for an introductory listening session. The young emcee is also an uber-talented engineer and producer — all dope skills when you’re an artist out here these days, trying to be self-sufficient. We all know the labels barely touch you otherwise.   Continue reading

Fresh Music | RedCoat ‘Stay True’

RedCoat Serves Truth.

RedCoat Serves Truth.

Artists, here’s the lick, I’ma lay it out for you: the live set is the move. You already knew that, right? Nah. You gotta smash the set though. Never know who’s looking and I can’t speak for everyone but that’s my weakness. That’s how RedCoat Da Poet got me as a fan last year around this time. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Elz Jenkins, ‘Talk My S—‘

Elz Jenkins is the Ultimate S--- Talker...

Elz Jenkins is the Ultimate S— Talker…

Off the upcoming project Don’t I Look Like A Drug Dealer 1.504 Grams, Elz Jenkins has offered the lead visual for ‘Talk My S—‘ to the rap masses.

Continue reading