Shine | Atlanta — Industry Fusion Reconvenes Tuesday [4/1]

Industry Kaos...

Industry Kaos…

Courtesy of the people behind Atlanta’s monthly live competition The Bar Exam, Industry Fusion returns to the city’s Apache Cafe on tomorrow evening [4/1].

A little more low-key than the turnt up Exam, Fusion is more of a cross-genre networking event that happens every 1st and 3rd Tuesday.

Head here by midnight tonight to RSVP for free entry before 8 pm tomorrow — but be mindful that if you arrive after that time, the deal is null and void. Oh. Also. Don’t bother stopping for a snack either. These cats have thought of everything, providing a free taco bar from 7 to 8 pm.

Nike brand ambassador and all-around influencer Senor Kaos will be one of the keynote speakers in attendance. Come out if you can.

Sound & Lyrics...

Sound & Lyrics…

Just after Fusion, the Sound & Lyrics Experiment kicks off, featuring a live band and artists from multiple genres. It’s actually what they’re calling a ‘live recorded jam session,’ meaning, whatever the musicians can blow the roof off with during the event, that will be recorded, mixed down and released via Soundcloud.

These folks are getting to be more and more creative here in the A. I’m with it.



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