Fresh Music | Money Makin’ Nique feat. Marian Makeba & India Shawn ‘Rent Money’

Nique Got That Rent Money Doe...

Nique Got That Rent Money Doe…

Been heralding Mr. Money Makin’ Nique for some time now. First time I saw him perform was at this dive bar here in Atlanta during the A3C Hip-Hop Festival a couple years ago and I was floored. The best way to catch my attention for real, is to be spitting tough on a stage. He did and subsequently followed the same formula, so whenever I see dude’s name on a bill, I try and make it there.

With that said, Nique doesn’t disappoint on his newest song ‘Rent Money.’ Produced by Slade Da Monsta, the track will appear on the beatsmith’s upcoming EP Hotter Than January 19th. In the middle of the ‘turn up’ era, Money Makin’ turns down a bit here, reflecting on a state of peacefulness that tends to be fleeting for most. Hell, even for him — but he knows it. As the hook goes, ‘It feels good right now, don’t know if it’ll last…’ So melodic and pretty too with the incorporation of chanteuses Marian Mareba and India Shawn holding down the background and the last moments of the track. Check it.

**BTW, if you haven’t heard that Guyana Gold project, you’re slippin’ just a lil’. LOL. Just last year, the Mass.-born, Westside of Atlanta-repping emcee dropped his tape in conjunction with Forte Bowie‘s 1990 collective. Catch up. 


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