Fresh Out the Inbox [Extended Cut]: Jabo ‘Anatomy of a Street Genius’ Mixtape

Jabo Flexes His Genius Muscle...

Jabo Flexes His Genius Muscle…

Alabama’s had a bit of a struggle when it comes to getting their own to stick to a national platform. Rich Boy came close in 2007 with his smash ‘Throw Some D’s,’ but still no cigar homie. Then, most recently, it was looking like Montgomery’s Doe B would be that breakthrough artist until his tragic death just days after Christmas in his own hometown. And now here we are a few months later with the next to blow out of Alabama, Birmingham-bred emcee Jabo.

The newcomer has had quite a few spins across the southeastern region in recent weeks. His lead track ‘What I’m About’ features verses from Jadakiss and Slim Thug and his latest project titled Anatomy of a Street Genius is pretty damn cohesive for Jabo to be a newbie to the national stage.

The premise of Anatomy isn’t to push listeners towards the mystique of living the dope boy life. After all, many of us rap fans raised in inner cities know that life all too well. His goal is to provide listeners with more than what’s expected. “I want people to listen and understand that it’s more than popping mollies and going to the club,” he tells MFD. “I just want them to know the truth. I can really  rap. I ain’t just on here playing around on a microphone. I can really go…” He’s got that for damn sure.

Jabo is well-rounded and well-adjusted. Having moved from ghetto to ‘burbs to ghetto again, he’s equipped to deal in any circumstance. And given Jabo’s affinity for some slick wordplay, he’s gotten the hang of this rap terrain too.

“Around 2009, I really knew I had something,” he shares. “People always had heard me rap and said, ‘You know, you pretty straight though…’ My flow developed of course as the years went on but it was in 2010 that I realized I could really turn it up to the next level. I really wanted everything I said to be thought-provoking.”




My Top 3 Faves on Anatomy of a Street Genius

1. ‘AOSG’

2. ‘What I’m About’ featuring Slim Thug & Jadakiss

3. ‘Double Salute’ featuring Doe B

Honorary Mention


Watch Jabo’s ‘What I’m About’ Video Featuring Slim Thug & Jadakiss


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