Fresh Out the Inbox: Joyner Lucas ‘Myers-Briggs’

Joyner Lucas Knows What You're Made Of...

New England emcee Joyner Lucas has offered his version of Nicki’s ‘Lookin’ Ass’ through his latest offering ‘Myers-Briggs.’ Gotta be honest — when I read that line in the synopsis sent with this track, I rolled my eyes, LOL. Ever since YMCMB’s First Lady dropped that song, super-sensitive dudes have been coming up out the woodwork with their struggle responses. Listen though. This here’s totally different. Lucas calls out fronting from both genders. Bold move.First off, I’m loving the fact that Lucas named his ‘Myers Briggs.’

Here’s what the explanation was:

Brownie points to anyone knowing that Myers Briggs is a personality test, administered to give the taker insight into what ‘type’ of person they are as a tool for self-awareness and betterment. For the purpose of New England wordsmith Joyner Lucas’ new song though, consider it a “Looking Ass N*gga” for those with a more intellectual musical palette. 

When I read that — I was intrigued. Then when I actually listened I was all in. The beat sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a thriller but if you really think about it, it is pretty scary to deal with straight up snakes… Or nah? LOL.

Decide for yourself and press play below.


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