Fresh Out The Inbox: LG feat. Curren$y ‘Battlefield‘ [Video]

LG Low Key Killin

Again, I’m cheating just a little bit here, LOL. I actually met New Orleans-bred emcee LG on the rooftop of a venue in Austin just last week — not through ‘the inbox’. His team is on point though and followed up with me once we all got back to our respective cities. The fact that this 19-year-old rapper has already received cosigns from people like Snoop and Pharrell is impressive all by itself, but it was the mention of Curren$y‘s involvement in his movement that made me particularly interested. 

My circle knows how I am about Spitta. Also, I know he doesn’t just hop on any ol’ thing — the vibe has to be right — so for this young man to score a feature from fellow New Orleanian Curren$y, I knew he was coming with that heat. The track appears on his most recent project World Winds.

LG dropped his debut project Cinco three years ago, so it isn’t like he’s a newcomer. Even in the way he raps here, there’s an air of confidence unseen by his peers around the same age.

I’m actually really excited to see what he does. In the meantime, be satisfied with the ‘Battlefield’ visual below and tell me you don’t feel the same.



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