Day 1 Radio — Mistah FAB [3/13]

Fabby Fab doe...

I’m late, I’m late. Been moving mayne! LOL. But on last week’s episode of Day 1 Radio, we had Oakland’s own Mistah FAB in the building to give us the rundown on his humble beginnings as well as what he’s been up to as of late.

Branden was too hyped as Fabby Davis Jr. was the first guest we’ve had out of the Bay. LOL. All good. He dropped some jewels about what it means to be in the game for as long as he has been. We talked about putting family first, giving his daughter the best and working to do the same for his community through charity work and the like.

On the music side of things, DJ  Wally Sparks came through with that heatrock as always and I was introduced to some Mac Dre I’d never heard, to the chagrin of all the Bay folks in the room. LOL. Y’all. FAB was in the yo getting down! He and Erk the Jerk also gave us our first freestyle ever. Ow…

Later, we discuss our thoughts on the new Freddie Gibbs X Madlib joint and I ask what’s the big deal with male celebrities wearing skirts… LOL.

Check it.


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