Fresh Music: Jack Papers ‘Jordan Years’

Jackin' Paperwork...

A few weeks ago, I was invited to hit the studio to give a new artist a listen. Well, he isn’t brand spanking new but he’s building and you know MFD tries to catch folks on the rise… So here we have Jack Papers, formally known as Lilo Brown

An A Town transplant — like most of us out here — Jack Papers hails from Ohio, but he got his training here in Atlanta, having worked as a studio intern first then grinding as an engineer. In the midst of working for other people, the producer/rapper learned the tricks of the trade in order to work for himself.

About a year ago, while he still went by Lilo Brown, he dropped his Backpacks and Jettpacks project via DatPiff but now, in keeping with his motivation, he’s prepping his next for arrival in a few weeks.  Papers says he modified his rap name because it led to too many remarks and comparisons to Disney’s “happy little Hawaiian girl, not even the blue guy” and that’s understandable. But in my meeting him, I found that Jack Papers is pretty happy, high off life (and maybe a lil’ something else) and ultimately talented — it’s definitely inspired, coming from an organic place.

Here’s one of the joints he played for me that night, “Jordan Years.”

That particular evening in the studio, he played me so many tracks and all of them sounded so different… I left wanting to hear the finished project right then, certain that it’ll be a balanced mix of chill, angst and reality-based experiences. I suppose we’ll all see at the same time. I’ll keep you posted.


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