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Shine | Atlanta — Industry Fusion Reconvenes Tuesday [4/1]

Industry Kaos...

Industry Kaos…

Courtesy of the people behind Atlanta’s monthly live competition The Bar Exam, Industry Fusion returns to the city’s Apache Cafe on tomorrow evening [4/1]. Continue reading


Fresh Music | Bags ‘Geeker’

Geeked Up... No Fabo.

Geeked Up… No Fabo.

Hmm. Been up on Bags for about a year now. The first time we met, I had my man’s camera in his face. LOL. Here we are twelve months later and I’m introducing his lead single ‘Geeker’ to you guys. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Forte Bowie’s ‘Happy’ Mash-Up [Keith Sweat X Pharrell]

Happily Mashed Up...

Happily Mashed Up…

Said this on Twitter just after hearing this track: Forte Bowie is a young genius. No lie. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Money Makin’ Nique feat. Marian Makeba & India Shawn ‘Rent Money’

Nique Got That Rent Money Doe...

Nique Got That Rent Money Doe…

Been heralding Mr. Money Makin’ Nique for some time now. First time I saw him perform was at this dive bar here in Atlanta during the A3C Hip-Hop Festival a couple years ago and I was floored. The best way to catch my attention for real, is to be spitting tough on a stage. He did and subsequently followed the same formula, so whenever I see dude’s name on a bill, I try and make it there.

Continue reading

New Music: Scotty ATL ‘Trash & Treasure’

Scotty ATL Sorts the Trash From the Treasure

Scotty ATL Sorts the Trash From the Treasure

Over the years I’ve known Scotty ATL from the Eastside, I’ve realized his growth, even moreso than he does, I think. Since the Summer Dreams joint, the Decatur-bred rapper has increasingly been out doing himself. Continue reading

New Music: Metro Boomin X Young Thug ‘The Blanguage’

Blanguage Arts.

Blanguage Arts.

I like to give the newcomers shine here on MFD but I support those I rock with too — even if they happen to be a bit further along. With that said: Metro Boomin is still outchea giving it to these folks behind the boards. LOL.  Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox [Extended Cut]: Jabo ‘Anatomy of a Street Genius’ Mixtape

Jabo Flexes His Genius Muscle...

Jabo Flexes His Genius Muscle…

Alabama’s had a bit of a struggle when it comes to getting their own to stick to a national platform. Rich Boy came close in 2007 with his smash ‘Throw Some D’s,’ but still no cigar homie. Then, most recently, it was looking like Montgomery’s Doe B would be that breakthrough artist until his tragic death just days after Christmas in his own hometown. And now here we are a few months later with the next to blow out of Alabama, Birmingham-bred emcee Jabo.

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Fresh Out the Inbox: Joyner Lucas ‘Myers-Briggs’

Joyner Lucas Knows What You're Made Of...

New England emcee Joyner Lucas has offered his version of Nicki’s ‘Lookin’ Ass’ through his latest offering ‘Myers-Briggs.’ Gotta be honest — when I read that line in the synopsis sent with this track, I rolled my eyes, LOL. Ever since YMCMB’s First Lady dropped that song, super-sensitive dudes have been coming up out the woodwork with their struggle responses. Listen though. This here’s totally different. Lucas calls out fronting from both genders. Bold move. Continue reading

Day 1 Radio — Motion Family [3/20]


Years ago, I met the guys of Motion Family while writing a profile piece for DX, just after they dropped the visual for Yelawolf’s ‘Pop the Trunk‘. Since then they’ve been building a rep around Atlanta for being the most talented and consistent video production team in the southern region. Seriously. Continue reading

Fresh Out The Inbox: LG feat. Curren$y ‘Battlefield‘ [Video]

LG Low Key Killin

Again, I’m cheating just a little bit here, LOL. I actually met New Orleans-bred emcee LG on the rooftop of a venue in Austin just last week — not through ‘the inbox’. His team is on point though and followed up with me once we all got back to our respective cities. The fact that this 19-year-old rapper has already received cosigns from people like Snoop and Pharrell is impressive all by itself, but it was the mention of Curren$y‘s involvement in his movement that made me particularly interested.  Continue reading