Top 10 Items To Have During Festival Season 2014

Oh. So you’re headed to Austin next month for SXSW? Or maybe Tennessee for Bonnaroo in June? You think you have your list of essentials ready… I already know. That’s the feeling — until you get all the way ‘out there’ and you’re making a mental list of what to be sure to bring the next time. No worries. MFD’s got you covered.

For this Stay Fresh entry, I’ll give you a few tips on what you ought to be packing before heading out to smash the scene this festival season.

1. No Chill: Starter’s Satin Full Button Jacket [$99.95 USD]


When I think of Starter jackets, I think of my childhood. Unless you haven’t been paying much attention over the past 18 months or so, you would’ve noticed that these fly satin joints are pretty much everywhere again these days. I have an affinity for looking like a part of the team, but flyer, more like the team captain. Something about these light jackets give off that aura. And trust me, when you’re in Austin running from venue to venue in the evenings, you’ve got to look cool even with the chill in the air.

2. To-Go Drinks: Eddie Bauer’s Disposable Flasks 6-Pack [up to $11.99 USD]

Eddie Bauer

Long days, long nights, a LOT of walking. Everywhere. Festivals drive you to drink. LOL. Not a lot but a little something once every few hours. If you’re there for work, you’ll be drinking at every event but if you’re not that lucky to be where the free drinks are, bring your own in one of Eddie Bauer’s Disposable Flasks. These are especially cool if you’re laid out on a field all day listening to indies play onstage till the sun sets.

3. Just Kick It: Asics’ Aztec Pack [TBA]


How much do I love these Asics Gel Lyte IIIs? A helluva lot. Here’s the thing. Whatever you have on your feet for music festivals, you’ve got to be comfortable. If you aren’t standing or walking, you’re running around like a lunatic.


Especially if you’re in media or one of the performing artists. It’s all ‘hurry up and wait.’ But don’t think you can just throw on some white Air Forces and be aiight. Yeah, it’s spring and they ‘go’ with everything but one bad spill and they’re done for. You know how high the chances for a spill are around drunk people? These Asics are suede but at least they aren’t cocaine white — so yeah, more practical but still fly.

4. Future So Bright: Alexander McQueen’s AMQ 4247/s [About $370 USD]


Let’s face it. Ray Ban Wayfarers are for tweens. Got it? Good. Now, I’m just speaking from the woman’s perspective, but if you wanna be on some forever fly ish, Alexander McQueen is pretty much always on point. His line of eyewear for the ladies is beyond dope and this particular model, the AMQ 4247/s, is a safe one for those who just want to experiment with the brand before going all out with one of his more outlandish joints. Make your way to the next stage with the mob donning a pair of these and still manage to be a standout.

5. It’s All In Your Head[Phones]: Monster’s DNA Pro Wireless Headphones [$449 USD]


Beats headphones are everywhere, in every color. They’re cool, but you take your music super seriously right? Right. Run with these DNA Pro Wireless Headphones from Monster. Real life DJs swear by ’em and who better to trust with that type of thing but DJs. They have to have the music in their ears while spinning. The Bluetooth feature turns on and off as you fold and unfold these joints and if you’d prefer to plug in and listen, they’ll automatically charge up while you do. Two things though: the price is steep at $449 and we mere mortals can’t get ’em till the second quarter, but we’ll be right on time for the summer fests.

6. She Snappin’: Canon’s EOS 60D [starts at $699 USD]


People really do run around with cameras at these festival things but not everyone knows what they’re doing. Hmmph. Some of these folks don’t even pull the camera out of their trendy backpacks. The Canon EOS 60D is one user-friendly DSLR that makes taking great pictures a little easier. That way, you can actually make use of what’s become sort of a douche-y accessory at music festivals.

7. Totes Amazeballs: Undefeated’s Ascender Duffle Bag [$92 USD]


Undefeated (or, sometimes, UNDFTD) has the illest duffle bag I’ve seen this year. Nice and roomy, removable shoulder strap, slip-in pockets on the sides and a funky tribal-type print. I’m sold. I’m already thinking of how I’d stuff it and carry it around by the leather covered handles. Not to mention there are some inside organizer pockets as well, perfect for someone like me, who always ends up with a bunch of tiny, miscellaneous items after each festival day. If you can find it, cop it. Goodness. It’s already sold out on the site. *cries*

8. Whip It Good: Lincoln’s MKZ


You guys know how I feel about this car. We’ve done this already. The computerized everything on the inside. The banging sound system connected to your Bluetooth — so everything you’re listening to on your way to the next show is exactly what you want to hear. Oh. And the trunk space is ridiculous — you could throw a whole drum set back there. If you can rent one from Avis or National, do it. The MKZ is sexy on the inside as well as the outside mayne.

9. Charged Up: Powerocks’ Magic Stick [$39.99 USD]


Here’s my flaw: I’m kind of absentminded and most days I’m only a little ashamed of it. But during festival season? I hate myself for it. Why? Because with all the quick pictures taken and interviews to record, my phone dies on the reg and I always seem to forget to bring an extra battery with me. It’s sad really. But there’s no way I’m the only one. For us real deal, day-to-day runners, we’ve got to grab the Magic Stick before the hotel door slams shut (um, pause?). It’s dope. The portable battery can give you IPhone and Android users, two full charges while you’re out and about without searching every dive bar for wall outlets, like a jerk.

10. Top Me Off: Mitchell & Ness’s 5-Panel Camper Hat [$32 USD]


If you see me in these streets, most times, I’m wearing a hat. Pom-pom, fitted or snapback — I’ve got one on. So yeah, for me, the go-to brand is Mitchell & Ness most days. Right now, I’m loving these 5-panel camper joints with the clip in the back. The carved up logo, two-toned under-visor? I mean, seriously. There’s no better way to stunt and rep for your hood while you’re in someone else’s city besides rocking one of these this season.


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