Use Your Eyes: REi The Imperial ‘Train Of Thought 2 (Voodoo 4 Dummies)’


NO-born, Atlanta-based REi The Imperial dropped his latest project ‘Rise of the Rejects‘ just a few months ago and MFD was in the building for the listening. ‘Train of Thought 2 (Voodoo 4 Dummies)’ was one of quite a few tracks that stood out. With Grammy-winning DJ Toomp as EP, you already know the production’s official.

Here, the ambitious nature of the MC wrapped in stark loneliness and near-desperation lend some realness to the track. Refreshing in a genre where the winning tagline seems to be ‘fake it till you make it.’

In a rap world full of flexing off leased property and offering mediocre efforts where it should count, REi’s pushing his way through to the other side.

Watch as REi wanders MARTA stations solo dolo, deep in thought about every and anything — from the elusiveness of success to wanting a boo thang for the cold nights.


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