Fresh Out The Inbox: Gueringer The 13th ‘Let Me Talk My Sh*t’

Gueringer The 13th Talks Reckless...

When I was a kid, my parents had established this tradition of us trekking to see family in Detroit every other winter — in the dead of winter. LOL. Our relatives stayed just outside of the city in a suburb called Pontiac, a smaller, mixed community. So imagine my shock when hearing this newcomer Gueringer The 13th namedrop the small town I thought was my own little secret in his latest ‘Let Me Talk My Sh*t.’

He really is from there too. LOL. The accent, the low-key ‘I really am the sh*t’ attitude… Yeah, that’s Pontiac.

As I got older, it seemed like the suburb had formed more of a, um, personality. As an NYC kid, I really just loved being somewhere with a yard and different accents and as the years went on, it seemed like there was even more to get into in Pontiac (the influence of new neighbors from Greater Detroit? Prolly.).

Listening to ‘Let Me Talk My Sh*t’ out of the area, I’d say nothing’s changed. Repping hard for his town in preparation of his next project titled Paris, Japan Deluxe, the rapper’s stunting a lil’ bit on this bass-heavy track courtesy of his homie Loud Lord. I liked it. You ought to give it a go.


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